Bowling is a game anyone can enjoy. Whether you’re starting out, or just want to freshen up on the basics, these instructional videos will help you prepare for fun and success at your AMF Bowling Center. Less than five minutes each, these lighthearted clips were produced by AMF with Second City, the nationally known comedy group from Chicago.


As you continue to improve, you'll enjoy the game of bowling even more. After you've learned these basics, look for opportunities to hone your skills by joining a Learn to Bowl league or club at your AMF Center. Also, our site includes links to online League Bowler resources.



Bowling is a game that everyone can enjoy.  But everyone, especially a new bowler, enjoys it that much more when they learn a little about it.  And the better you get, the more there is to learn.


These four instructional videos will help prepare you for fun and success at the lanes. Each video is short, about 5 minutes apiece.


Resources for League Bowlers

United States Bowling Congress Playing Rules Book (PDF)

The complete Playing Rules Book is online and indexed so you can find the information you are looking for quickly.


What is the Answer? Book (PDF)

A series of rule interpretations most commonly anwered by the WIBC, ABC and YABA-combined Rules Department.


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